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       Train Hard and Earn them with The Fitness Angel at Boot Camp!

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If you are looking to regain your fitness, lose weight or just maintain your current fitness levels this is the place to BE!!!

  1. Boot Camps & Classes
    Boot Camps & Classes
    We train rain, hail or shine. Boot Camp sessions are 60mins Classes are 45mins Boot Camp prices start from $35 per week Casual Session Pass - $25
  2. Fitness Angel - Online
    Fitness Angel - Online
    Train with me anywhere in the world! Workout Guide . eBOOK - Fitness Angels - 6 Week Beach Babe Safari Guide - $80 6 Weeks of varied workouts to challenge and change you. Lifestyle and Mindset tools to help you reach your goals.
  3. Personal Training
    Personal Training
    Personal Training can be done at the oval, a park near you. Or in my private Angel Squad Room. Sessions are 30, 45 or 60mins in duration. PT Packs available.
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