1. I have been personal training with Ally for the last few months and love it! I was always one to shy away from training and was often the person who came up with any excuse to not train! All i can say is that Ally has changed my life! I feel so much better in myself, have lost kilos and with Ally's guidance and support am becoming so much fitter and stronger. I look forward to our early morning sessions under the stars, and feel both exhausted and exhilarated afterwards. My husband wanted to get "on the band wagon" a​nd now attends Bootcamp with Ally! We are both lucky to have Ally come into our lives! Thanks Ally!!
    Cate Boots x
  2. In February 2012 I was looking to change the way I exercised. Tired of gyms and doing my own thing, I took up an offer of a 6 week trial at Ally's Boot Camps in Camberwell. Little did I know where this would lead. Well it lead to an extraordinary person and trainer in the fitness industry Ally Gallagher. Ally is the most generous, motivating, encouraging trainer ever. Her sessions are always challenging and versatile, never boring. Not one session is ever the same. How she comes up with some of the challenges I'll never guess. She caters to all fitness levels and has really made exercising fun even at 6.00 am outside in a Melbourne winter! I cannot speak highly enough of Ally. Despite the large group that often turns up for her sessions, Ally has a way of making it feel personal. The whole world would be exercising, if all trainers were more like Ally. So months later, I'm still with Ally and am training up for Tough Mudder. I could never have imagined doing anything like that in my life. Thanks Ally for all you do.
    Isabella Tonel x
  3. I had a fabulous morning smashing it out with the group todayLoads of fun, fitness and friendly faces. Feeling energised and motivated...What a great Bootcamp you have going Ally. Very impressed with your work! Karen Schwarz
    Karen Schwarz
  4. Joining your bootcamp was one of the best decisions I made last year.. not only for my fitness but for my wellbeing and sense of self. I always felt encouraged by you and the other trainers to push harder and often surprised myself! Even on 'off' days where I just had no energy and didn't perfom all that well you and the trainers were always encouraging me and still telling me I was doing a good job! I always left feeling brighter and better about myself. You have a wonderful culture within the bootcamp thats allows everyone to participate and always feel challenged at any level. And this is all evident in the social chit chat and support my everyone on the facebook page. Never have I come across such a great group of people who always want the best out of each other. I have and will continue to speak highly of you and the bootcamp.. and know Im going to miss you all a lot. I now have the challenge of trying to find something just as good on the brunswick side of town! All the best Ally and thanks for being the most fun, high spirited, energetic and all round friendly trainer I've ever come across Sarah xx
    Sarah Miller